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OpenLDAP Quick Tips: Use ldapvi!

OpenLDAPOpen SourceSuretec Hi All,

Here's my 9th tip in the "OpenLDAP Quick Tips" series:

"You want to edit data in your directory server, but only have command line access":

When you want to quickly edit some data and don't want to use the ldap[?]* command line tools that come with OpenLDAP, why not grab ldapvi:

ldapvi is an interactive LDAP[?] client for Unix terminals. Using it, you can update LDAP entries with a text editor.
Think of it as vipw(1) for LDAP.



If you have an entry for our "OpenLDAP Quick Tips" series, why not e-mail your tip to us.

P.S. For direct access to this section, you can click OpenLDAP Quick Tips.


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Jan-Piet Mens on :

*For those who've never seen *ldapvi*, I wrote about it some time ago and included a screen shot of what it looks like. It might help to get your readers attracted to the excellent tool.

Pat Patterson on :

*Trackbacks seem to be non-functional, so... Thanks for the ldapvi tip - applied it to OpenSSO. Your spam prevention doesn't let me include the URL, so just go to my homepage and take a look if you're interested.

Gavin Henry on :

*Thanks Pat, weird.

We approved the trackback but for some reason it went under:

See the comments column at the top left. Some strange unresolvable url.



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