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Community Request: Real World OpenLDAP Deployments

OpenLDAPOpen SourceSuretec Dear All,

I'd like to get some examples written up for:

If anyone is interested and allowed to share some information, I'd
love to hear from you.

The more strange the setup the better!

Many thanks,


P.S. This has also been sent to the mailing list, so if you are a subscriber please reply to that email. Thanks.


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ignacio on :

*Hah. I guess you're not interested in my rinkydink little setup then :-P (1 CentOS server, 1 Fedora client, 1 OS X client)

Gavin Henry on :

*Depends if you have any weirdness configured ;-)


Thomas Fjellstrom on :

*Its a shame I haven't been able to connect to openldap's site in weeks now. All I seem to get is connection refused these days.

Gavin Henry on :

*Weird, speak to your ISP as it's been fine for everyone else. No compliants on the lists or irc.

Thomas Fjellstrom on :

*Connection refused is a server thing. It means for some reason, its not listening on the port. is "" the correct IP? I run my own DNS server, with no cache. Thats what the root servers are giving me for the server.

Gavin Henry on :

*Yeah that's right -

If I put in my browser it resolves to

Email kurt -

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