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Aberdeen’s Suretec Telecom helps holiday dreams come true with open source call recording

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Companies at opposite ends of the UK work together to produce innovative software solution – without ever meeting up

Aberdeen-based Suretec Telecom is in the business of supporting a company that makes holiday dreams come true. Specialising in tailor-made holidays, luxury hotels, unique tours and cruises, DreamTicket luxury holidays is a niche holiday provider to the UK travel market, and it prides itself on operating cost-effectively without ‘middle-men’ so it can keep its prices keen. And it’s based in Surrey.

Suretec Telecom knows how important it is for small and medium-sized businesses to be cost-conscious, and it makes sure that its customers get high tech solutions to telecom questions, at a very competitive price.

‘Dreamticket is a very successful niche holiday business,’ says Gavin Henry, managing director of Suretec Telecom, which was launched in 2009. ‘It grew considerably from its early beginnings to around 11 employees in 2004 – and its telephone system is its lifeblood for providing customers with the right holiday to satisfy their dreams. That’s where we come in.’

With employee numbers sometimes peaking around 120 people, Dreamticket needed a flexible system that will grow. Gavin Henry knows their new call recording system will easily accommodate calls from 400 customers at any one time.

Because Dreamticket also sells financial services – holiday insurance – it is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority and is required to monitor and record all calls with customers. The system that has proven so successful for Dreamticket is an ideal one for other regulated businesses, such as legal firms, insurance specialists, estate agents and of course, other travel companies.

Dreamticket contacted Suretec to discuss possibly installing an open source call recording system, that is, using software that does not entail hefty license fees. Such ‘open source’ software is fast being adopted by companies and local authorities alike, as there is greater choice and flexibility, increased security, greater reliability and stability, lower technology costs - and the use of open standards means vendor independence.

Dreamticket’s e-commerce director, Habib Datoo searched online for a solution and soon discovered that Suretec is recognised as an ‘open source telecom’ expert, even though it is based at the opposite end of the UK.

‘Habib shopped around for Dreamticket’s new telephone recording system,’ says Gavin Henry, ‘and when he came to us he had received a number of estimates for call recording systems. For a small yet growing business the cost of these systems was looking prohibitive - at over £20,000.

‘We talked to Habib about his requirements and we came up with a solution, tailored to Dreamticket’s own needs, and costing a fraction of the earlier estimates.’

Suretec’s innovative solution is based on open source software, which now allows Dreamticket to be free from tie-ins to specific manufacturers, offers more features than they had ever planned, and allows for Dreamticket’s future growth.

And while Dreamticket is based in Surrey with Suretec based in Aberdeen, Habib Datoo at Dreamticket said, ‘Suretec worked closely with us on this project without the need to ever meet in person. We were impressed with Suretec’s commitment to finding the best solution for Dreamticket, and are very pleased with the new call recording capability, which will last us for many years. Distance was no barrier, and we worked very efficiently together online.

‘Suretec’s innovative call recording service has greatly enhanced our efficiency, and saved us more than £15,000.’

‘The Suretec solution also provides Dreamticket with the capability to store up to 5 years of recorded calls,’ says Gavin, ‘compared to only 3 months’ worth using the previous system, which used DVDs as backup, and was a bit cumbersome.’

Dreamticket is now working with Suretec to replace its current call centre phone system to a 100% Asterisk based system. In 2008 Suretec set up a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system attached to its current proprietary one for Dreamticket which is used to route all Dreamticket’s international telephone calls. Some calls are free and others cost a small fraction of the telephone companies’ cheapest rates.

‘Dreamticket keeps its cost low and operates on tight budgets, which is only one of the reasons why open source was selected as the solution,’ says Gavin. ‘Since the initial project worked so well, Dreamticket has continued to apply open source solutions, which are much more reliable than previous systems and as a side benefit are generating huge annual savings for the business. They can now trust their IT again using open source solutions.’


2 November 2009

For more information please contact
Shirley Muir,, Odyssey Communications 07730 852331
Gavin Henry,, Suretec Telecom 01224 279484

Note to Editors

Suretec Telecom is a subsidiary of Suretec Systems, open source specialists based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Suretec Systems was established in 2003 to allow businesses to enjoy enhanced operating efficiency and reduced risks using Open Source software. Its clients benefit from easily-accessible and organised directory services, shared information infrastructures and various other services. These services are widely used across business sectors as varied as travel agencies, voluntary organisations, oil companies and public sector organisations.

Suretec Telecom was established in 2009 in response for the growing demand for open source telephony software and its freely available features and benefits.

Dreamticket is a trading name of Selsdon Travel Ltd, part of the Selsdon Group - and one of the fastest growing leisure travel companies in the UK.

With market-leading technology, exclusive product, and experienced staff, Dreamticket has grown into one of the leading luxury leisure tour operators in Europe, specialising in tailor-made holidays, luxury hotels, unique tours and cruises.


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