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Flexi Time Manager - A Cost Effective and Time Efficient Solution for SMEs to administer flexible working

CatalystDojoLinuxPerlPostgreSQLSuretec Flexi Time Manager is a web application that provides a cost effective and self-contained administration system for recording and calculating flexitime. Designed to help small and medium sized businesses introduce or extend flexible working for staff, the system can be accessed at a mere 54 pence per employee per week (£30 per employee, per year) and does not require specialist software or hardware, just an internet connection.
For firms that already operate flexible working, Flexi Time Manager will ease the administrative burden associated with calculating employee flexi time. Employee hours are input by the user at any time and their data is then automatically calculated, totalling the working time, flexi credit or debit and flexi carry forward.

Louise Wreathall, creator of Flexi Time Manager explains,

“Due to the changes in legislation, employers have to seriously consider how to put the necessary procedures and protocols in place for effectively managing flexible working. Smaller firms often don’t have the money, resources, or expertise to put flexible working into practice. Flexi Time Manager offers these organisations the means to efficiently administer flexi time at considerably lower cost than by manual calculation. The database includes all of the features of a sophisticated flexi system and can be used on any PC. This makes it ideal for those who work remotely. As it is web-based there is no expensive hardware or software needed, only an internet connection and web browser.”

Flexible working has been the hot topic of many government announcements this year. Both Tory leader David Cameron and the Labour Minister for Children, Young People and Families, Beverley Hughes, have called for an extension to the right to request flexible working. Changes in legislation and the Government drive to promote better work life balance has led to almost 95% of requests for flexible working being granted by employers*.

Flexi Time Manager is suitable for users from a wide range of industry sectors from University departments, medical surgeries and voluntary organisations, to accountancy firms and solicitors. The versatility of the system allows it to be tailored to individual user needs, as Louise explains,

“Each person can set up their own unique profile on the database, inputting basic weekly hours, limits to the working day, minimum lunch times, core working times and minimum daily hours. All subscribers are provided with a unique username and password, so that each time they use Flexi Time Manager their settings will remain. Individuals can log into the system at any time to view their total hours and flexi balance ‘as they go’. Flexi Time Manager can also record holidays, sick leave or any other form of absence.

“The system is beneficial for organisations that employ a high percentage of part time (often female) staff. With the new laws granting carers with children under six or disabled children under 18 the right to request flexible working, it is necessary for all employers to plan and prepare for the introduction of dynamic patterns of work for some or all staff.”

For further information on Flexi Time Manager log onto or call 01224 649484.

Flexi Time Manager is a Suretec Web Project.

* sourced from the CBI


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