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It's the Writer, Stupid - Do your research on OpenLDAP

OpenLDAP I wish people would do some research on OpenLDAP before making such silly comments, take for example It's the Directory, Stupid:

Right now, the open-source directory server options boil down to Red Hat/Fedora Directory Server, and OpenLDAP, neither of which are positioned to challenge Active Directory.

Depends on what the challenge is, I don't see any....

Then there's OpenLDAP, which some question on scalability grounds, and most coil away from for its rough edges and its lack of anything approaching AD[?]-like integration with Linux distributions.

Yes, maybe using outdated vendor shipped versions, not when using the source or enterprise versions.

If anyone does need reference sites of big OpenLDAP deployments, do please contact Suretec.


The Suretec Blog on : OpenLDAP and LDAP Roundup - 29th Nov 2007

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Quite a few interesting articles and blog posts today. Whenever I see a few good ones, I'll do one of these roundup posts. The Linux Networking Cookbook is out, which includes a section on OpenLDAP. Andy writes about his OpenLDAP Replication Des

The Suretec Blog on : OpenLDAP Weekly News Issue 6

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Welcome to the sixth issue of OpenLDAP Weekly News (OWN), the unofficial weekly newsletter for the OpenLDAP community. This will be released every Sunday (or thereabouts), covering the latest goings on in and around the OpenLDAP community. Summary:


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Komal Shah on :

*This article is clearly a FUD.It is obvious that author possess no understanding of Directory Services and LDAP.AD is not just an LDAP.It is much more than that. It is a cocktail of DDNS, CIFS, Kerberos, DHCP and LDAP.

Granted there is a lack of Directory integration in Linux distributions. It is ironic that still all Linux distributions default to ancient /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow for authentication.

I have yet to come across single distribution that uses Kerberos and LDAP for SSO.

So far, OpenLADP is the directory server I have used. There is no completion.


Buchan Milne on :

*The integration that is missing mainly needs to be done on the client side.

However, I will note that no version of Windows has ever "defaulted" to "AD", or Windows domain authentication, and many versions don't even support it.

All viable Linux distributions have tools supporting at least LDAP authentication, many support LDAP+Kerberos, many also support AD via various mechanisms too.

Komal Shah on :

*Sorry there is typo in my last comment.

I meant “So far OpenLDAP is the fastest Directory Server I have used.There is no competition”.

Gavin Henry on :

*Yes, they never make this distinction.

And yes, OpenLDAP is the fastest but speed isn't everything. That's why OpenLDAP is the most scalable and secure and compliant directory server in the world.

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