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Release of amanda-2.6.0b2

Amanda Original Announcement

Things to note:

  • 'amverify' and 'amverifyrun' are deprecated and replaced with the new, more flexible 'amcheckdump'

  • 'amdd' and 'ammt' are deprecated.

  • New 'amcryptsimple', 'amgpgcrypt' - encryption plugins based on gpg.

  • New 'amserverconfig', 'amaddclient' - Initial Amanda configuration tools these tools make assumptions, please see man page.

  • glib is required to compile and run amanda.

  • Almost 200 unit tests are available via 'make installcheck'.

There's more at the above link, but that's a lot of work done since the last beta.

Well done to all the Amanda Team!


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