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Release of amanda-2.6.0b2

Amanda Original Announcement

Things to note:

  • 'amverify' and 'amverifyrun' are deprecated and replaced with the new, more flexible 'amcheckdump'

  • 'amdd' and 'ammt' are deprecated.

  • New 'amcryptsimple', 'amgpgcrypt' - encryption plugins based on gpg.

  • New 'amserverconfig', 'amaddclient' - Initial Amanda configuration tools these tools make assumptions, please see man page.

  • glib is required to compile and run amanda.

  • Almost 200 unit tests are available via 'make installcheck'.

There's more at the above link, but that's a lot of work done since the last beta.

Well done to all the Amanda Team!

Amanda 2.6 Beta Released

AmandaOpenLDAPPerl The Amanda 2.6.0 beta release offers some excellent new features. Ones that appeal to Suretec are:

There of course many other excellent additions and fixes.

So, why is the Perl Interface so cool? Well, a while ago we asked about using the Perl interface for use with an LDAP[?] Configuration Backend, but at that time Amanda wasn't ready.

The Perl interface is a great addition and easy to understand why it was needed.

We'll keep you updated on how the betas progress and when we start hacking up an LDAP interface ;-)

Binaries and source can be downloaded from Zmanda.

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