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Article Ideas


I'm thinking of getting more articles out there. Either on the Suretec site, or a community site like Symas did with their OpenLDAP article.

Ideas include:

  • Asterisk Realtime with OpenLDAP

  • Configure OpenLDAP over LDAP[?]

  • Working with Firewalls and OpenLDAP Replication

  • OpenLDAP 2.4 - Best of breed LDAP

  • Browsing your OpenLDAP directory with Catalyst and Dojo

  • The real power of OpenLDAP: Overlays and Backends

  • One Place to Rule them All: OpenLDAP with Jabber, VoIP, SCM, Samba.....

  • Securing OpenLDAP

  • Enterprise OpenLDAP Deployments

  • OpenLDAP with a PostgreSQL Backend

  • How big can your Directory get?

  • Program your OpenLDAP Directory with Perl

  • LDAP Schema Design

  • OpenLDAP Fundamentals

  • OpenLDAP ACLs

I can think of many more, but I have the normal project docs to finish ;-)



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