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Oracle Internet Directory and 2 Billion Entries?

LinuxOpenLDAP I've just finished reading The 2 billion entry directory tree - The scalability of Oracle Internet Directory at very large Directory Information Tree sizes, and thought I'd blog some initial thoughts (I'm sure our partners Symas will have something to say later).

The following is from the 2 Billion User Benchmark (Oracle Internet Directory - Technical Whitepaper (PDF) on the Oracle Internet Directory homepage.

So here's the Network kit they used:

Some pretty accessible kit there! ;-)
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"At best AD is 4 times slower than OpenLDAP"

OpenLDAPSuretec Suretec partners Symas have released the final results of benchmarking ADAM[?] and AD[?] versus OpenLDAP at AD and ADAM Performance: UPDATE

Punchline: at 5,000,000 (5M) entries, OpenLDAP 2.4.6+ delivered 20,179 authentications a second, ADAM delivered 5,424 and AD did 216. The 1,000,000 (1M) entry runs were 23,273 for OpenLDAP, 5,738 for ADAM, and 4,662 for AD.

The result are open, so feel free to independently verify (you will need an AMD Celestica A8440 with four Opteron 875s (dual 2.2GHz cores) and 16GB DDR333 RAM though ;-) ).

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