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Updated LDAP RFCs drafts - "LDAP as a Network Information Service" and "Password Policy for LDAP Directories"

OpenLDAPOpen SourceSuretec As OpenLDAP sets the standard for being the most standards based LDAP[?] directory, you'll be pleased to know that our partners Symas are keeping everyone updated about the wonderful world of collaboration in the LDAP world and in the process updating some much needed draft RFCs.

So, when you've got a second have a read of:

Password Policy for LDAP Directories - draft-behera-ldap[?]-password-policy-10.txt


An Approach for Using LDAP as a Network Information Service - draft-howard-rfc2307bis-02.txt


Suretec VoIP platform coming soon - SureVoIP

AsteriskCatalystDojoJabber/XMPPLinuxOpenLDAPOpenSIPSOpen SourcePerlPostgreSQLSuretec A quick update:

SureVoIP a new startup ITSP will be launched by Suretec very soon. It is currently in development and being installed in a Scottish datacentre using various enterprise grade Open Source products. Keep an eye out for when it goes beta and will be available at

Replacing Slurpd using OpenLDAP 2.4

OpenLDAPOpen Source I updated the replication section of the OpenLDAP Admin guide last night to the final version discussing Push Based Replication, i.e. what slurpd does in OpenLDAP 2.3 (dropped for various reasons, but since the docs won't be available properly until 2.4.11 is out I'm posting it here.

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Spring 2008 - a UKUUG Conference Review

LinuxOpenLDAPOpen SourcePerlPostgreSQLSuretec I got back last night, after a somewhat hectic flight (long story).

I really enjoyed the conference, my first time speaking at one, bit nervous, but it can only get better ;-)


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Amanda 2.6 Beta Released

AmandaOpenLDAPPerl The Amanda 2.6.0 beta release offers some excellent new features. Ones that appeal to Suretec are:

There of course many other excellent additions and fixes.

So, why is the Perl Interface so cool? Well, a while ago we asked about using the Perl interface for use with an LDAP[?] Configuration Backend, but at that time Amanda wasn't ready.

The Perl interface is a great addition and easy to understand why it was needed.

We'll keep you updated on how the betas progress and when we start hacking up an LDAP interface ;-)

Binaries and source can be downloaded from Zmanda.

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