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Spring 2008 - a UKUUG Conference Review

LinuxOpenLDAPOpen SourcePerlPostgreSQLSuretec I got back last night, after a somewhat hectic flight (long story).

I really enjoyed the conference, my first time speaking at one, bit nervous, but it can only get better ;-)


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Amanda 2.6 Beta Released

AmandaOpenLDAPPerl The Amanda 2.6.0 beta release offers some excellent new features. Ones that appeal to Suretec are:

There of course many other excellent additions and fixes.

So, why is the Perl Interface so cool? Well, a while ago we asked about using the Perl interface for use with an LDAP[?] Configuration Backend, but at that time Amanda wasn't ready.

The Perl interface is a great addition and easy to understand why it was needed.

We'll keep you updated on how the betas progress and when we start hacking up an LDAP interface ;-)

Binaries and source can be downloaded from Zmanda.

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