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Suretec allocated a Communications Provider Identity ("CUPID") code by Ofcom

AsteriskCatalystDojoFreeSWITCHJabber/XMPPLinuxOpenLDAPOpenSIPSOpen SourcePerlPostgreSQLSuretec Exciting news!

Our Communications Provider Identity ("CUPID") code application has been processed by Ofcom and we just received our number of 291.

The start of many good things to come with our own VoIP provider SureVoIP (brand and website being worked on now). We're also listed as an ITSP at ITSPA.



Suretec VoIP platform coming soon - SureVoIP

AsteriskCatalystDojoJabber/XMPPLinuxOpenLDAPOpenSIPSOpen SourcePerlPostgreSQLSuretec A quick update:

SureVoIP a new startup ITSP will be launched by Suretec very soon. It is currently in development and being installed in a Scottish datacentre using various enterprise grade Open Source products. Keep an eye out for when it goes beta and will be available at

[asterisk-biz] Open letter to digium, asterisk developers and consultants

AsteriskOpen Source There an interesting thread going on just now over on the Asterisk Business List:

I am writing this letter to Digium and all those that use or develop
software for Asterisk. Asterisk is released under a dual license, the
one I will focus on is the GPL license.

Digium maintains a trademark on the word Asterisk, along with other
words. The trademark policy they have forbids marketing a product with
the asterisk word if it is not "Genuine Digium Software". If you modify
software, apply a patch, add 3rd party modules, this trademark policy
prevents you from distributing that software saying that its based on
asterisk, or even using the name asterisk within the program.

The most interesting part is that there is an unofficial response from Digium's john Todd and an official one coming:

I would agree that we have failed to make this as obvious as we
should, and that will be a topic of discussion and possibly
clarification in the document. Our intention has never been to lock
the word "Asterisk" so that it is impossible to use - that is not our
goal, nor is it possible legally. If you are a consultant who works
with Asterisk, by all means please put that on your website and in
your CV! We encourage that type of use; it broadens the Asterisk
ecosystem. Using the word "Asterisk" in a statement of factual use
is not prohibited - you can say "My company works on developing code
and systems which utilize Asterisk." However, when it becomes used
as a descriptive term such as "Asterisk Enabled" then that does seem
like it is an infringing use. More on this in the follow-up reply to
this soon to come.

We'll keep you posted on just how you can use the word Asterisk® ;-)

Asterisk 1.6 Beta Released (with no LDAP Realtime Driver)

AsteriskOpenLDAP So, it's been a few days, but we thought this was worth commenting on.

Asterisk 1.6 beta brings many new changes and exciting features, but one very disappointing thing missing was the LDAP[?] Realtime Driver.

This is mainly down to the code not being moved forward for the 1.6 branch, as it was written for the 1.4 branch and testing.

For those of you out there that would love to see Asterisk integrated with your enterprise directory server, we urge you to subscribe to the tracker and help test.

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