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SureVoIP Selects NetDev's DRUM for Enterprise Audio Conferencing and Web Meetings

FreeSWITCHOpenSIPSOpen SourcePostgreSQLSuretec

NetDev, a leading telco apps developer, has announced SureVoIP as its first customer for DRUM, a new web meeting solution with integrated audio conferencing. SureVoIP is a UK-based provider of Internet telephony which targets the enterprise and SME market.

DRUM was launched in October 2012 as a value-added service to help service providers address the enterprise and small business market. DRUM audio conferencing will be hosted from SureVoIP's network, enabling SureVoIP to extend the range of communications services it offers to its customers, while maintaining control over the service to ensure its customers receive the best possible call quality.

Through DRUM, SureVoIP will be able to address the growing conferencing and web meeting market. According to AMI Research, the combined audio and web conferencing market will grow year on year to reach $2.7 billion by 2014. Despite robust growth in the overall market, service providers have been relatively slow to deliver their own conferencing and web meeting services.

SureVoIP also has the option to deliver DRUM's web meeting application to its customers, in addition to the audio conferencing service. DRUM web meetings is a central repository for every meeting a user attends,allowing participants to create meetings, present and share documents, take notes and assign tasks in the browser. It is an HTML5 application which means users can access and use it from the browser without software downloads or plugins. DRUM also has WebRTC conference calling capability which allows users to join their conference call directly from the web, with no need for an access number or PIN. DRUM web meetings is hosted by NetDev and integrates with audio through simple provisioning settings.

"Audio conferencing is a very natural addition to our services, which means an even fuller range of options for our customers," commented Gavin Henry, Managing Director at SureVoIP. "With DRUM we can extend audio conferencing to a complete web meeting and collaboration solution and WebRTC enabled conference calls can really add value to enterprise meetings and collaboration. By hosting DRUM audio conferencing we maintain ownership of the voice quality and the billing relationship, so we know we can continue to deliver the quality of service that our customers expect from us."

"DRUM delivers audio conferencing as a feature of a much wider web meeting and collaboration service. Users can join and control their conference calls directly from the browser or the fixed/mobile phone", said John Logsdon, CEO and Founder of NetDev. "It adds value to enterprise communications and enables service providers to build revenues from non-subscribers who are invited to the meeting or conference."

About SureVoIP

SureVoIP is a leading Internet Telephone Service Provider and is part of the Suretec Group. Based at Bridge of Don, Aberdeen the company has worked in locations as diverse as Canada, Nepal, the Netherlands and the Seychelles. The company is a member of the Internet Telephony Service Providers Association (ITSPA) and is regulated by Ofcom.

SureVoIP is a brand name owned by Suretec Systems Ltd. Suretec Systems is part of the Suretec Group and started providing commercial VoIP consultancy and services in 2006 using Open Source software. For various reasons relating to technical expertise, commercial growth and experience with VoIP suppliers, Suretec made a strategic and financial commitment in January 2009 to create a fully owned communications provider using Voice Over IP called SureVoIP, which is regulated by Ofcom.

For further information visit or call 01224 900123.

About NetDev

NetDev is a UK-based telco apps developer and managed services provider founded in 2003. NetDev is a self-funded, profitable business which develops and manages carrier-grade voice applications including audio conferencing.  Its global customer base includes tier one service providers such asBT, eircom and Axtel. NetDev supports open standards and contributes to various open source initiatives.  The company pioneered the use of REST APIs to integrate voice capabilities with web applications and believes HTML5 and Web RTC will transform the future of voice and video communications delivery.

For further information visit and

SureVoIP Launches Innovative API


Aberdeen-based communications company SureVoIP has just launched an innovative API (application programming interface) which will provide an even better service for customers and partners and allow 100% self-service and interaction with the SureVoIP suite of products and services.

To ensure communications with other products and services, the company has just launched what is believed to be UK VoIP’s first publicly available and documented Application Programming Interface (API) beta of this kind.

Commenting on the move, SureVoIP managing director Gavin Henry said: “It is vital for us to remain at the forefront of technology and it is anticipated that this API will further enhance our ability to provide the broadest possible spectrum to all customers and partners, existing or potential.

“The SureVoIP API can be used to send SMS messages, faxes, generate telephone calls, manage accounts and telephone numbers, subscribe to event notifications and use a feature called OAuth 2.0 which allows third parties to create Apps like those for Twitter and Facebook.

“Various partnerships have been put in place to maximise adoption and many of our existing customers are already incorporating this API into their Mobile App strategy. Because of this, SureVoIP has also started development work on its own mobile app for customers and partners as well as a long list of exciting new ways to make a telephone call.”

SureVoIP is regulated by Ofcom, is a member of the Internet Telephony Service Providers Association (ITSPA) and is a finalist in that organisation’s 2012 awards. The company is also the holder of an ITSPA Quality Mark accreditation. For further information visit or call 01224 900123 or email

Notes to Editors

SureVoIP is a leading Internet Telephone Service Provider and is part of the Suretec Group. Based at Bridge of Don, Aberdeen the company has worked in locations as diverse as Canada, Nepal, the Netherlands and the Seychelles. The company is a member of the Internet Telephony Service Providers Association (ITSPA) and is regulated by Ofcom. For further information visit or call 01224 900123.

SureVoIP, a UK ITSP based in Scotland and FreeSWITCH

FreeSWITCHOpenSIPSOpen SourcePostgreSQLSuretec

SureVoIP is Scotland's First Dedicated Internet Telephony Service Provider.

Suretec recently got approval from Ofcom, the U.K. communications regulator, to assign U.K. telephone numbers. Therefore, SureVoIP can assign phone numbers across the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The company is also authorised to supply global numbers for over 60 countries.

This is unique in the Scottish market, because other companies act as "middle-men" between clients and service providers.

SureVoIP is partnering with British Telecom (BT) through a VoIP Interconnect to offer clients added benefits. SureVoIP has also partnered with Xconnect on their Global Alliance program, as well as two other U.K. VoIP carriers.

SureVoIP also provides 24/7 emergency telephone support.

Gavin Henry, managing director of SureVoIP, and founding member of the Suretec Group, said, "Our journey to securing the approval from Ofcom has been long and complex, involving the submission of detailed business plans, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the Communications Act 2003, various legal requirements, help from ITSPA (we've worked so hard that we will soon be getting the ITSPA Quality Mark), documentation and a significant investment in equipment throughout the U.K. With out FreeSWITCH and the FreeSWITCH community this would not have been possible."

Read original article on

Suretec allocated a Communications Provider Identity ("CUPID") code by Ofcom

AsteriskCatalystDojoFreeSWITCHJabber/XMPPLinuxOpenLDAPOpenSIPSOpen SourcePerlPostgreSQLSuretec Exciting news!

Our Communications Provider Identity ("CUPID") code application has been processed by Ofcom and we just received our number of 291.

The start of many good things to come with our own VoIP provider SureVoIP (brand and website being worked on now). We're also listed as an ITSP at ITSPA.



Yubico key has arrived!

AsteriskCatalystJabber/XMPPOpenLDAPOpenSIPSOpen SourcePerlPostgreSQLSquidSuretec It's taken us a while to get round to ordering one of these Yubikeys from Yubico, but they do look great and have lots of documentation via the wiki.

We're going to be testing them via the pam module for SSH access (and of course using pam_ldap).

So, users in LDAP[?] via pam, and a Yubikey, let's see how it goes!

(will be interesting for logging in a SIP handset via Asterisk or FreeSWITCH that needs one too and all the others technologies Suretec use and support (Catalyst, Perl, PostgresSQL, Squid and more....). We'll see....

Suretec now have a merchant account!

AsteriskCatalystDojoJabber/XMPPLinuxOpenLDAPOpenSIPSOpen SourcePerlPostgreSQLSquidSuretec It's been a long process, almost 6 weeks, what with the new laws regarding PCI DSS compliance as of the 1st of October 2009, PCI DSS Scans, Business plans, website terms and connditions and many more things we have a merchant account at last!!!

This is mainly for our new Internet Telephony Service Provider called SureVoIP which is currently live with various customers but has no front facing sales and marketing site yet, only the admin and customer portal.

We'll keep you posted with a proper press release in due course.



Suretec VoIP platform coming soon - SureVoIP

AsteriskCatalystDojoJabber/XMPPLinuxOpenLDAPOpenSIPSOpen SourcePerlPostgreSQLSuretec A quick update:

SureVoIP a new startup ITSP will be launched by Suretec very soon. It is currently in development and being installed in a Scottish datacentre using various enterprise grade Open Source products. Keep an eye out for when it goes beta and will be available at

Webinar: 'Guide to Scaling OpenLDAP with MySQL Cluster'

OpenLDAPOpen SourceSuretec “Guide to Scaling OpenLDAP with MySQL Cluster” on June 24th at 10:00AM PST. Howard Chu, CTO of Symas Corporation, will be the primary technical presenter. This is going to be a repeat of the great pitch we did at the MySQL Conference in Santa Clara. This is a terrific introduction to the OpenLDAP Driver for MySQL Cluster for people interested in this new database technology for LDAP[?] directory data.

Register here


OpenLDAP Replication Strategies

OpenLDAPOpen SourceSuretec At this years UKUUG's annual Large Installation Systems Administration (LISA) conference I gave a talk on OpenLDAP Replication Strategies. You can grab theOpenLDAP Replications Strategies PDF or SlideShare version.

Other presentations regarding OpenLDAP that day (including one from Howard, the Projects Chief Architect and Symas CTO), OpenLDAP and MySQL: Bridging the Data Model Divide and Andrew Findlays Writing Access Control Policies for LDAP[?]


OpenLDAP 2.4.14 Released

OpenLDAPOpen SourceSuretec Grab it whilst it's hot!

OpenLDAP 2.4.14 is now available for download as detailed on our
download page:

and should soon be available on all official mirrors:

This is a maintenance release and is made available for general use.
Users of OpenLDAP Software are encouraged to upgrade.

Significant contributors for this release, and the previously
unannounced 2.4.13 release, include:

Howard Chu (Symas Corp)
Emmanuel Dreyfus
Hallvard Furuseth (University of Oslo)
Quanah Gibson-Mount (Yahoo! Inc)
Ralf Haferkamp (SUSE Linux)
Gavin Henry (Suretec Systems)
Pierangelo Masarati (Sys-Net)
Rein Tollevik (Basefarm AS)

OpenLDAP 2.4.14 Release (2009/02/14)
Added libldap option to disable SASL host canonicalization
Added libldap TLS_PROTOCOL_MIN (ITS#5655)
Added libldap GnuTLS support for TLS_CIPHER_SUITE (ITS#5887)
Added libldap GnuTLS setting random file (ITS#5462)
Added libldap alias dereferencing in C API (ITS#5916)
Fixed libldap chasing multiple referrals (ITS#5853)
Fixed libldap deref handling (ITS#5768)
Fixed libldap NULL pointer deref (ITS#5934)
Fixed libldap peer cert memory leak (ITS#5849)
Fixed libldap interaction with GnuTLS CN IP-based matches (ITS#5789)
Fixed libldap intermediate response behavior (ITS#5896)
Fixed libldap IPv6 address handling (ITS#5937)
Fixed libldap_r deref building (ITS#5768)
Fixed libldap_r slapd lockup when paused during shutdown (ITS#5841)
Added slapd syncrepl default retry setting (ITS#5825)
Added slapd val.regex expansion (ITS#5804)
Added slapd TLS_PROTOCOL_MIN (ITS#5655)
Added slapd slapi_pw_find (ITS#2615,ITS#4359)
Added slapd compatibility with MSAD ranged values (ITS#5927)
Fixed slapd bconfig to return error codes (ITS#5867)
Fixed slapd bconfig encoding incorrectly (ITS#5897)
Fixed slapd bconfig dangling pointers (ITS#5924)
Fixed slapd behavior with superior objectClasses (ITS#5517)
Fixed slapd connection assert (ITS#5835)
Fixed slapd epoll handling (ITS#5886)
Fixed slapd frontend/backend options handling (ITS#5857)
Fixed slapd glue with MMR (ITS#5925)
Fixed slapd logging on Windows (ITS#5392)
Fixed slapd listener comparison (ITS#5613)
Fixed slapd manageDSAit with glue entries (ITS#5921)
Fixed slapd syncrepl rename handling (ITS#5809)
Fixed slapd syncrepl MMR when adding new server (ITS#5850)
Fixed slapd syncrepl MMR with deleted entries (ITS#5843)
Fixed slapd syncrepl replication with glued DB (ITS#5866)
Fixed slapd syncrepl replication with moddn (ITS#5901)
Fixed slapd syncrepl replication with referrals (ITS#5881)
Fixed slapd syncrepl replication with config tree (ITS#5935)
Fixed slapd wake_sds close on Windows (ITS#5855)
Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb dncachesize handling (ITS#5860)
Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb RFC4528 control support (ITS#5861)
Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb trickle task usage (ITS#5864)
Fixed slapd-hdb idlcache with empty suffix (ITS#5859)
Fixed slapd-ldap[?] idassert-bind validity checking (ITS#5863)
Fixed slapd-ldap/meta RFC4525 increment support (ITS#5912)
Fixed slapd-ldap/meta search dereferencing (ITS#5916)
Fixed slapd-ldap/meta with intermediate response (ITS#5931)
Fixed slapd-ldif numerous bugs (ITS#5408)
Fixed slapd-ldif rename on same DN (ITS#5319)
Fixed slapd-ldif deadlock (ITS#5329)
Fixed slapd-meta double response sending (ITS#5854)
Fixed slapd-meta alias deref for retry (ITS#5889)
Fixed slapd-relay recursion detection (ITS#5943)
Fixed slapd-sock descriptor leak (ITS#5939)
Fixed slapo-accesslog on glued dbs (ITS#5907)
Fixed slapo-dynlist handling of flags (ITS#5898)
Fixed slapo-memberof multiple instantiation (ITS#5903)
Fixed slapo-pcache filter sorting (ITS#5756)
Fixed slapo-ppolicy to not be global (ITS#5858)
Fixed slapo-rwm double free (ITS#5923)
Fixed slapo-rwm with back-config (ITS#5906)
Fixed slapo-rwm olcRwmRewrite modification (ITS#5940)
Added slapo-rwm newRDN rewriting (ITS#5834)
Added slapadd progress meter (ITS#5922)
Updated contrib/addpartial module (ITS#5764)
Added contrib/cloak module (ITS#5872)
Added contrib/smbk5pwd gcrypt support (ITS#5410)
Added contrib/passwd sha2 support (ITS#5660)
Build Environment
Fixed test006 appending to log file (ITS#5910)
Fixed test036,test039 behavior on error (ITS#5893)
Fixed test048 sed pathname substitution (ITS#5910)
Fixed test049,test050 to work on windows (ITS#5842)
Updated test017,test018,test019 to cover more cases (ITS#5883)
Removed patch for BerkeleyDB 4.7.25 (Official patch available)
Fixed MSVC 9.0 build issues (ITS#5888)
Fixed gss detection on Solaris (ITS#5846)
Fixed uuid_create/uuid_unparse_lower detection (ITS#5905)
Fixed liblutil tavl_delete to macroize constants (ITS#5909)
admin24 added limits chapter (ITS#5818)
admin24 access-control clarify global ACLS (ITS#5851,ITS#5852)
admin24 search on nested naming contexts (ITS#5788)
admin24 consistent loglevel documentation (ITS#5904)
slapd-bdb/hdb expansion on dncachesize behavior (ITS#5721)
slapo-constraint(5) example fix (ITS#5895)
slap*(8) man pages should mention slapd-config (ITS#5828)
slapacl(8c) fix wording (ITS#5918)
slapd(8) document sid (ITS#5873)
slapd.access(5) clarify global ACLS (ITS#5851,ITS#5852)
slapadd/cat/index(8) note -n 0 for slapd-config (ITS#5891)
Added SEE ALSO slapd-config(5) to relevant man pages (ITS#5914)

MD5 (openldap-2.4.14.tgz) = fe2089adac9e9bef7172c2fb61cb6ae9
SHA1 (openldap-2.4.14.tgz) = d762022958ae5697334e0f6ad52fc2bf02aaf1d4

Previously released but not announced:

OpenLDAP 2.4.13 Release (2008/11/24)
Added libldap dereference control support (ITS#5768)
Fixed libldap parameter checking (ITS#5817)
Fixed liblutil hex conversion (ITS#5699)
Fixed liblutil returning undefined data (ITS#5748)
Fixed libldap error code return (ITS#5762)
Fixed libldap interaction with GnuTLS CN IP-based matches
Fixed libldap MAXHOSTNAMELEN typo (ITS#5815)
Fixed libldap Ipv6 detection (ITS#5739)
Fixed libldap setuid usage with .ldaprc (ITS#4750)
Fixed slapacl crasher (ITS#5820)
Fixed slapd acl checks on ADD (ITS#4556,ITS#5723)
Fixed slapd acl application to newly created backends (ITS#5572)
Fixed slapd #if/#elif issues in thread includes (ITS#5824)
Added slapd keyword add_content_acl for add checks
Fixed slapd concurrent access to connections (ITS#5814)
Fixed slapd config backend olcLogFile support (ITS#5765)
Fixed slapd contextCSN[?] pending list (ITS#5709)
Fixed slapd control criticality (ITS#5785)
Added slapd dn.this search limits (ITS#5734)
Fixed slapd error status on shutdown (ITS#5745)
Fixed slapd filter substring handling (ITS#5803)
Fixed slapd nameUIDPretty bitstring parsing (ITS#5750)
Fixed slapd null termination of password (ITS#5794)
Fixed slapd overlay/database open with real structure (ITS#5724)
Fixed slapd parsing of read entry control (ITS#5741)
Added slapd PMI schema (ITS#5695)
Added slapd private databases in global overlays
Fixed slapd rdn generation when it isn't specified (ITS#5819)
Fixed slapd slapd.conf validation to LDIF (ITS#5755)
Fixed slapd startup scan for CSN (ITS#5640)
Fixed slapd statslog printing of released entry (ITS#5775)
Added slapd support for certificateListExactMatch (ITS#5700)
Fixed slapd syncrepl event loss (ITS#5710)
Fixed slapd syncrepl MOD of attrs with no EQ rule (ITS#5781)
Fixed slapd syncrepl rename handling (ITS#5809)
Fixed slapd syncrepl schema checking (ITS#5798)
Fixed slapd syncrepl filter leak (ITS#5826)
Fixed slapd undef promote (ITS#5783,ITS#5795)
Added slapd What failed? control (ITS#5784)
Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb invalid db crash (ITS#5698)
Added slapd-bdb/hdb dbpagesize keyword
Added slapd-bdb/hdb checksum keyword
Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb indexing of entryDN (ITS#5790)
Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb lookup of entryDN with equality (ITS#5791)
Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb uninitialized bli_flag
Fixed slapd-ldap snprintf buffer overflow test (ITS#4467)
Fixed slapd-ldap search stop on minor failure (ITS#5816)
Fixed slapd-ldif file rename on windows (ITS#5774)
Fixed slapd-null read controls support (ITS#5757)
Fixed slapd-sql value length with right index (ITS#5779)
Fixed slapo-chain/translucent back-config support (ITS#5736)
Fixed slapo-chain segv with search references (ITS#5742)
Fixed slapo-collect compile with C89 (ITS#5747)
Added slapo-constraint support for LDAP[?] URI constraints (ITS#5704)
Added slapo-constraint support for constraining rename (ITS#5703)
Added slapo-constraint support for relax control (ITS#5705)
Added slapo-constraint "set" type (ITS#5702)
Fixed slapo-constraint filter parsing error (ITS#5751)
Added slapo-dynlist URI restriction ability (ITS#5761)
Fixed slapo-ppolicy unaligned BerElement (ITS#5770)
Fixed slapo-rwm objectClass preservation (ITS#5760)
Fixed slapo-rwm rewriting undefined filter (ITS#5731)
Fixed slapo-rwm rewritten DN-valued attrs (ITS#5772)
Fixed slapo-rwm reusing freed filter (ITS#5732)
Fixed slapo-rwm entry get (ITS#5773)
Fixed slapo-syncprov runqueue removal (ITS#5776)
Fixed slapo-syncprov unreplicatable ops (ITS#5709)
Fixed slapo-syncprov psearch leak (ITS#5827)
Added slapo-translucent try local bind when remote fails (ITS#5656)
Added slapo-translucent support for PasswordModify exop (ITS#5656)
Fixed tools simple bind without SASL (ITS#5753)
Fixed tools unaligned BerElement (ITS#5770)
Fixed contrib nssov crash on empty groups (ITS#5800)
Fixed contrib nssov crash with nssov-map (ITS#5801)
Fixed contrib nssov filter and search limits (ITS#5802)
Added contrib smbk5pwd honor principal expiration (ITS#5766)
Build Environment
Added ldapurl command
Added slapd GSSAPI refactoring (ITS#5369)
Added slapo-deref overlay (ITS#5768)
admin24 added olcLimits to example (ITS#5746)
admin24 consolidated on whitespace (ITS#5759)
slapd.conf,config(5) subordinate/olcSubordinate keyword
slapd.conf(5) fixed disable keyword for limits (ITS#5821)
slapo-dds(5) manageDIT to relax (ITS#5780)
slapo-dds(5) rootdn requirement added (ITS#5811)
slapo-syncprov(5) sessionlog clarification (ITS#5806)

MD5 (openldap-2.4.13.tgz) = 5382bbb4c67172c48c871b6d24b7f8cc
SHA1 (openldap-2.4.13.tgz) = bb6fe22808d36425b3bad6ce367e882530ccbf51

LDAP at the UKUUG Spring 2009 Conference

OpenLDAPOpen SourceSuretec Andrew Findlay kindly posted a reminder today of the upcoming LDAP[?] events in March:

The UKUUG Spring 2009 Conference (24-26 March 2009 in London) has
a strong LDAP flavour.

OpenLDAP and other LDAP technologies are covered by several papers:

- OpenLDAP Replication Strategies
Gavin Henry (Suretec Systems & OpenLDAP project)

- OpenLDAP and MySQL: Bridging the Data Model Divide
Howard Chu (Symas Corp. & OpenLDAP project)

- Writing Access Control Policies for LDAP
Andrew Findlay (Skills 1st)

- Securing Access to UNIX, Linux and Mac with Active Directory
Barry Scott (Centrify)

There is also a Kerberos tutorial and several papers on systems

The programme is here:


OpenLDAP Quick Tips: Replication Strategies

OpenLDAPOpen SourceSuretec Hi All,

Here's the 22nd tip in the "OpenLDAP Quick Tips" series:

"You are not sure what type of OpenLDAP replication to use, but you know you need to".

This tip won't actually go into the technical setup (and isn't very quick ;-) ) of the different replication types, we'll leave that for another set of tips. You can always read up on them yourself in the Replication section of the OpenLDAP 2.4 Administrator's Guide. Or if you're coming to the UKUUG's annual Large Installation Systems Administration (LISA) you'll be able to hear Howard Chu and myself give our talks:

- OpenLDAP Replication Strategies - Gavin Henry (Suretec Systems & OpenLDAP project)
- OpenLDAP and MySQL: Bridging the Data Model Divide - Howard Chu (Symas Corp. & OpenLDAP project).

Andrew Findlay (Skills 1st), another respected authority on LDAP[?] will also be giving a talk on Writing Access Control Policies for LDAP.

Anyway, on to the strategies.

Continue reading "OpenLDAP Quick Tips: Replication Strategies"

OpenLDAP 2.4.12 Released

OpenLDAPOpen Source OpenLDAP 2.4.12 Release (2008/10/12)
Fixed libldap ldap_utf8_strchar arguments (ITS#5720)
Fixed libldap TLS_CRLFILE (ITS#5677)
Fixed liblutil executables on Windows (ITS#5604)
Fixed liblutil microsecond overflows on Windows (ITS#5668)
Fixed librewrite memory handling (ITS#5691)
Fixed slapd aci performance (ITS#5636)
Fixed slapd aci's with sets (ITS#5627)
Fixed slapd attribute leak (ITS#5683)
Fixed slapd config backend with index greater than sibs (ITS#5684)
Fixed slapd custom attribute inheritance (ITS#5642)
Fixed slapd dynacl mask handling (ITS#5637)
Fixed slapd firstComponentMatch normalization (ITS#5634)
Added slapd caseIgnoreListMatch (ITS#5608)
Fixed slapd connection events enabled twice (ITS#5725)
Fixed slapd memory handling (ITS#5691)
Fixed slapd objectClass canonicalization (ITS#5681)
Fixed slapd objectClass termination (ITS#5682)
Fixed slapd overlay control registration (ITS#5649)
Fixed slapd runqueue checking (ITS#5726)
Fixed slapd spurious text output (ITS#5688)
Fixed slapd socket closing on Windows (ITS#5606)
Fixed slapd sortvals comparison (ITS#5578)
Added slapd substitute syntax support (ITS#5663)
Fixed slapd syncrepl contextCSN[?] detection (ITS#5675)
Fixed slapd syncrepl error logging (ITS#5618)
Fixed slapd syncrepl runqueue interval (ITS#5719)
Fixed slapd-bdb entry return if attr not present (ITS#5650)
Fixed slapd-bdb olcDbMode syntax (ITS#5713)
Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb release search entries earlier (ITS#5728,ITS#5730)
Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb subtree search with empty suffix (ITS#5729)
Fixed slapd-dnssrv memory handling (ITS#5691)
Fixed slapd-ldap[?],slapd-meta invalid filter behavior (ITS#5614)
Fixed slapd-meta memory handling (ITS#5691)
Fixed slapd-meta objectClass filtering (ITS#5647)
Fixed slapd-meta quarantine behavior (ITS#5592)
Added slapd-ndb experimental backend
Fixed slapd-relay initialization (ITS#5643)
Fixed slapd-sql freeing of connection (ITS#5607)
Fixed slapd-sql fault on NULL fields (ITS#5653)
Fixed slapo-accesslog entryCSN generation on purge (ITS#5694)
Fixed slapo-constraint string termination (ITS#5609)
Fixed slapo-dynlist expansion with mapped attributes (ITS#5717)
Fixed slapo-memberof internal operations DN (ITS#5622)
Fixed slapo-pcache attrset crash (ITS#5665)
Fixed slapo-pcache caching with invalid schema (ITS#5680)
Fixed slapo-ppolicy control return on password modify exop (ITS#5711)
Fixed slapo-rwm callback cleanup (ITS#5601,ITS#5687)
Fixed slapo-rwm attr mapping and merging (ITS#5624)
Fixed slapo-rwm objectClass filtering (ITS#5647)
Fixed slapo-translucent back-config support (ITS#5689)
Fixed slapo-translucent filter usage on merged entries (ITS#5679)
Fixed slapo-unique filter validation (ITS#5581)
Fixed slapo-unique suffix testing (ITS#5641)
Build Environment
Fixed ODBC library detection (ITS#5602)
Added BDB 4.7 support (ITS#5523)
Added slapo-collect overlay with enhancements(ITS#5659)
Added slapd-ldap(5), slapd-meta(5) noundeffilter (ITS#5614)
Fixed slapd-ldap(5), slapd-meta(5), slapo-pcache(5) schema requirements (ITS#5680)
Added slapo-collect(5) man page (ITS#5706)
Added slapo-pcache(5) proxycheckcacheability option (ITS#5680)
Added slapo-retcode(5) retcode.conf location (ITS#5633)
admin24 dontusecopy control update (ITS#5718)
admin24 guide updates (ITS#5616)
admin24 octetString fix (ITS#5670)

Suretec partners Symas release a MySQL Cluster back-end for OpenLDAP

OpenLDAPOpen SourceSuretec
MySQL and Symas have worked together for much of 2008 to produce a back-ndb, a back-end module for OpenLDAP that uses MySQL Cluster’s networked clustered database technology for OpenLDAP. Initially, we were concerned about how this would turn out but the advantages of the clustering technology made it worth a try. It turned out much better than expected!

MySQL (Sun) has contributed the source of this back-end to the OpenLDAP project and it is available in source from the project now. We expect it to be included in the next OpenLDAP 2.4 Release (imminent). MySQL will be offering binary distributions for selected platforms by the end of September.

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