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OpenLDAP Weekly News Issue 7

OpenLDAP Welcome to the seventh issue of OpenLDAP Weekly News (OWN), the unofficial weekly newsletter for the OpenLDAP community.

This will be released every Sunday (or thereabouts), covering the latest goings on in and around the OpenLDAP community.


- OpenLDAP 2.4.7 Released
- OpenLDAP 2.3.40 Released
- New Mailing List
- Update on Build Farm
- Contributions
- OpenLDAP Documentation updates
- OpenLDAP Development
- Community Binaries
- Blog LDAP[?] Schema Update
- "If there was an OpenLDAP Cookbook, what recipes would you like to see?"
- Selected user issues and solutions discussed
- LDAP Roundup Continue reading "OpenLDAP Weekly News Issue 7"

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