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Yubico key has arrived!

AsteriskCatalystJabber/XMPPOpenLDAPOpenSIPSOpen SourcePerlPostgreSQLSquidSuretec It's taken us a while to get round to ordering one of these Yubikeys from Yubico, but they do look great and have lots of documentation via the wiki.

We're going to be testing them via the pam module for SSH access (and of course using pam_ldap).

So, users in LDAP[?] via pam, and a Yubikey, let's see how it goes!

(will be interesting for logging in a SIP handset via Asterisk or FreeSWITCH that needs one too and all the others technologies Suretec use and support (Catalyst, Perl, PostgresSQL, Squid and more....). We'll see....

GNU/Linux and Microsoft Active Directory

LinuxOpenLDAPOpen SourceSamba There's an interesting interview video with Gerald Carter of Samba and Likewise Software talking about Likewise Open:

Likewise Open is an open source, community project sponsored by Likewise Software to integrate Linux, Unix, and Mac in Microsoft Active Directory and authenticate users with their domain credentials. Likewise Open is licensed under the open source licensing so you can download it for free. Or, if you would like to become involved with the project, join one of the community mailing lists and discuss Likewise Open with other users and developers.

Suretec use Likewise Open for some of its cusomters and it's very good if you need to go down that route....

Solutions for creating a Samba4 OpenLDAP backend

OpenLDAPOpen SourceSamba Things are looking better for the future of Samba and OpenLDAP working together:

If we get this much done, then I think Samba4 and OpenLDAP can continue
the forward march. I look forward to having Samba4 'powered by
OpenLDAP', because without it (or a Fedora DS backend, with whom I'm
having a similar discussion) Samba4 does not have a replicated
deployment modal.

Suretec presenting at British Computer Society Aberdeen Branch

Open SourceSuretec UBUNTU LINUX for Server Networks in Science and Business - Flyer

Tony Travis will describe and demonstrate Ubuntu Linux as used in the EU NuGO Black Box (NBX) project, which he leads. This aims to provide an easy way to deploy a network of 'lab-scale' bioinformatics servers as web-based 'appliances' pre-loaded with useful tools. They can all be accessed either using a web browser or remote desktop login, or via SOAP-based web services. The NBX can be installed easily from CD, and uses FLOSS[?] (Free/Libre Open Source Software).

Gavin Henry is on the Executive Council of the Open Source Consortium representing Scotland. He is also part of the OpenLDAP Engineering Team and avid FLOSS contributor.

He will discuss real life Case Studies on the use of Open Source software for SMEs and other Enterprises, aiming to reassure new users.

Date : 13th February, 2008
Time : 18:00 for 18:30
Venue : RGU, St Andrews St

See you there!


OpenLDAP Weekly News Issue 6

OpenLDAP Welcome to the sixth issue of OpenLDAP Weekly News (OWN), the unofficial weekly newsletter for the OpenLDAP community.

This will be released every Sunday (or thereabouts), covering the latest goings on in and around the OpenLDAP community.


- Upcoming OpenLDAP 2.4.7
- Update on Build Farm
- Contributions
- OpenLDAP Documentation updates
- OpenLDAP Development
- Blog LDAP[?] Schema Ideas
- Selected user issues and solutions discussed
- LDAP Roundup Continue reading "OpenLDAP Weekly News Issue 6"

OpenLDAP and LDAP Roundup - 29th Nov 2007

LinuxOpenLDAPSuretec Quite a few interesting articles and blog posts today.

Whenever I see a few good ones, I'll do one of these roundup posts.

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