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OpenLDAP King of the Hill - OpenLDAP Chief Architect Interview

OpenLDAP Suretec saw a sneak peak before it was out, but we're glad to say it's unchanged and a cracker!

Have a read:

OpenLDAP is unmatched by any other directory service, proprietary or open source. Of all the others available, the proprietary ones are just hiding their dirty laundry and all of them are just a waste of time and money.

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"A Common Weakness in all Identity Management Products", but not OpenLDAP

OpenLDAPSuretec A few comments on A Common Weakness in all Identity Management Products:

Consider for a moment, how many Fortune enterprises have Active Directory in a production environment. Out of the Fortune 500, Sun is the only hold out. You would think that if Active Directory were so pervasively implemented that software vendors would want to deeply integrate with it, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I would disagree. OpenLDAP is right up there, in fact most enterprises don't use AD[?] for true Directory requirements. Speak to Suretec and Symas for more information.

I would urge the author to read the ADAM[?] vs. LDAP[?] White Paper, an evaluation of Microsoft's ADAM to LDAP, written by our friends and partners Symas
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Isode's M-Vault 14 versus OpenLDAP

OpenLDAP Howard Chu from Symas and Chief Architect of OpenLDAP has just finished some interesting benchmarks of Isode's M-Vault 14 versus OpenLDAP:

I recently tested Isode's M-Vault 14. For the most part there were no surprises, we were 5-6 times faster on the 1M entry DB. Load times were comparable, with OpenLDAP at around 3 minutes (as before) and Isode at around 4 minutes. While OpenLDAP delivered over 29,000 auths/sec using 8 cores, Isode delivered only 4600 auths/sec. (And there's still the interesting result that OpenLDAP delivered almost 31,000/sec using only 7 cores, leaving one core reserved for the ethernet driver.)

But interestingly: Continue reading "Isode's M-Vault 14 versus OpenLDAP"

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