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Asterisk svn commit access for res_config_ldap granted.

AsteriskLinuxOpenLDAPOpen SourceSuretec Just a quick one to say that we now have svn commit access to the res_config_ldap RealTime driver to maintain it and the Asterisk LDAP[?] schema in the Asterisk source code.

Any bugs you find, please report them!

Asterisk 1.6.0 is the first official release of Asterisk 1.6

AsteriskLinuxOpenLDAPOpen SourceSuretec The first official release is out, and you can see lots of new features . Unfortunately there are still a few Realtime LDAP[?] driver bugs, but it's getting there.

It's well worth having a play with Asterisk 1.6.0 though.


LDAP, Mark Spencer and Asterisk

AsteriskOpenLDAPOpen SourceSuretec In Interview With Asterisk Founder, Mark Spencer:

3) What improvements would you personally like to see in any upcoming releases? Perhaps Active Directory or LDAP[?] integration?

LDAP, Clustering Events, and Video are three areas I'm especially interested in in terms of the core of the software. I'm also interested in ways to make Asterisk even more approachable for new developers of either core functionality or new systems utilizing Asterisk.

Suretec agree and are trying to help.

[...]I think a low-cost Asterisk unified communications solution is a perfect opportunity for Digium. Thus, perhaps something called Asterisk UC Edition might be a good name. Your thoughts on this idea?

[....]we want the core of Asterisk to remain Open Source and as such encourage the development of Open Source technologies wherever possible. I believe it would be foolish to attempt to make Asterisk's innovation only available as a proprietary product when clearly it is its Open Source foundation that made it so successful and continues to do so[...]

Excellent to hear!

[...]Mark didn't take my idea of offering a "premium" UC (closed) version of Asterisk, that I felt would give Digium a potentially strong revenue source, I found it very fascinating that Mark continues to hold the "open source" mantra flag high. This only re-confirms Mark's (& Digium's) strong commitment to keeping Asterisk 100% open source that Mark stressed to me[...]

Of course, as it should.

I have to commend Digium for sticking to their 100% open source guns, but honestly, I don't think anyone would begrudge them if they copied the SugarCRM/MySQL/Movable Type model where they offered an open source version and a premium (closed) version. Ok, maybe some open source zealots would.

Suretec would, as would everyone else. Keep it 100% Open Source.

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